Member Story No 4

I  joined the SUN project about 5 years ago, and regularly attend at least 4 days of the week.  I found out about the SUN project through a leaflet I just happened to pick up at another service while waiting to see my psychiatrist.    I have not been diagnosed with a personality disorder but I do suffer with OCD and depression.  When I contacted the SUN project and told them this they agreed it was all right for me to join and I have found this has been a lifesaver.

When I told my psychiatrist, psychologist and GP about the project, the way the groups were run and how supportive and valuable I and others had found them I was surprised that they were not aware of it’s existence.  I did point out to them that the groups were for support and very valuable but it did not mean, for many of us, that we did not still need some sort of therapy.   I say this because there is not always therapy available through the NHS and we are quite often being told that we will have to go private.  Meeting people in the SUN groups allows us to share many different experiences, what helps, what doesn’t, medications, therapies etc and give each other general support.

The fact that the groups are on 5 days a week is great, especially when someone has anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness, there is a place to go and at least talk, let it out, cry if need be.   Also people who are feeling better, more positive can be inspirational to others and give hope.  I can’t say enough about the SUN project and of course the facilitaters who a have lot to give and are also very supportive and with out them we would not have our groups. I hope this give you the whole picture of how important the SUN project is.