Member Story No 2

Prior to a recent overdose attempt I was able to work in a professional capacity with a person with BPD which brought back many behaviours, thoughts and feelings that I personally had experienced for at least the last 15 years which I struggled to fight without any support from professionals. I had found it difficult to get myself heard by doctors etc.; this caused a lot of frustration and an increased anger towards myself and others. Why was I such a freak, a failure with such irrational and inappropriate thoughts or so I felt.

It took an overdose and some time in Springfield for a psychiatrist to listen to my cries for help and concerns about my behaviours, thoughts and feelings. After some discussion with the psychiatrist I was finally made aware of the SUN project and advised this may help me to start understanding myself and the reasons I behave and think the way I do.

Having now attended the group regularly 3-4 times a week for around 6 weeks what a huge difference this has made. I feel listened to, understood and appreciated by my peers and the staff that facilitate the groups. Having worked in mental health for many years and through personal experience I am aware of how difficult it is living with the symptoms of BPD and the lack of support that is available and the discrimination faced even from within mental health services.

The SUN project is a god send and so valuable in the space it provides to voice your concerns and the supportive nature of the group regardless of the severity of the difficulties raised by the members on any given day. From a personal view it has given me a sound foundation from which I can learn to understand myself and hopefully move forward with my life rather than treading water which life has felt like for the past 15 years or so.

I have made some great friendships due to the SUN project which is something I have always struggled to initiate and maintain I now feel that I have a support network of real friends which hopefully we can use to help each other moving forward. I’m not sure where I would be now following the overdose without the positive support of the SUN project.