Member Story No 1

I am a 51 year old single man living in a shared house. I would describe myself as someone who has had difficulties all my life. My parents died when I was young, my eldest brother and my uncle both committed suicide so there are mental health problems in my family. I have always been a loner who finds it difficult to socialise and get on with people. My lack of confidence and self esteem has meant that it’s always been hard for me to get and keep jobs and to make and keep relationships.

Before I joined the SUN Project I tried surfing the internet to find SOMEONE who could help me but I couldn’t find anything. I thought that my situation would never change because I thought there was no one who could help me. My GP referred me to mental health services at Springfield Hospital and I was contacted by someone there by phone, I don’t remember which service this person was from.
I wasn’t enthusiastic about the conversation because the questions they asked me made me think that I’ve heard all this before and it felt like a waste of time. He suggested the SUN Project and I thought this would also be a waste of time but decided to give it a go anyway.

There isn’t anything else like the SUN. Talking about problems helps me to feel better. There are other members in the group whom I can relate to, they suggest possible solutions to problems and even if there is no solution you get it off your chest.

You are allowed to air your feelings. People help each other, meet socially and organise or attend social groups and this encourages social interaction and reduces isolation. SUN doesn’t discriminate.
Since joining SUN I am now also attending the gym so mentally and physically my life is improving, and that is because of the SUN.

I couldn’t live without it.