Member Story No 3

Went to see a psychiatrist at the Hospital in and he has been very unhelpful to me. I feel I have been ignored. The SUN Project is the only place I feel truly accepted. I have found people who don’t judge me at the SUN project and slowly I’m opening up.
I don’t have any other services or help other than the SUN project.
I would not survive without the SUN Project. There is nothing else out there for me.

Before coming to the SUN project I had been in and out of therapy and had been hospitalised several times.

The SUN Project has helped me avoid social isolation. The possibility of meeting with others who have had similar life experiences to mine, and the feeling of being understood and supported in a safe environment, has been very important for me.  In the groups I have found friendship and social interaction which I have not found in other services.  The feeling of finally being understood and accepted for who I am has been unique and of immense value.  Sharing with others with similar problems to my own, has brought insight, given me knowledge of coping skills, and through sharing personal experiences, instilled me with hope for the future and compassion for all who suffer from personality disorders.

If the SUN Project were not there, I feel that visits to A & E, the frequency and lengths of hospitalisations would increase for me.  I would find myself isolated, with no peer support group, dependent on other services where I have felt out of place, miSUNderstood, and not supported.  The support, understanding and weekly structure of the SUN project has been a god send for me and I am incredibly grateful to all those who have made this service possible.