Member Story No 1

I am a 51 year old single man living in a shared house. I would describe myself as someone who has had difficulties all my life. My parents died when I was young, my eldest brother and my uncle both committed suicide so there are mental health problems in my family. I have always been … read more

Member Story No 2

Prior to a recent overdose attempt I was able to work in a professional capacity with a person with BPD which brought back many behaviours, thoughts and feelings that I personally had experienced for at least the last 15 years which I struggled to fight without any support from professionals. I had found it difficult … read more

Member Story No 3

Went to see a psychiatrist at the Hospital in and he has been very unhelpful to me. I feel I have been ignored. The SUN Project is the only place I feel truly accepted. I have found people who don’t judge me at the SUN project and slowly I’m opening up. I don’t have any … read more

Member Story No 4

I  joined the SUN project about 5 years ago, and regularly attend at least 4 days of the week.  I found out about the SUN project through a leaflet I just happened to pick up at another service while waiting to see my psychiatrist.    I have not been diagnosed with a personality disorder but I … read more