New Website

The new logo and strap line will feature on all future communications and materials relating to the SUN project including a brand new website which will be launched early this year.  2012 saw lots of consultations with SUN members regarding the  new website development, everything from naming the website, to layout, content and images.

Several members also generously contributed their personal stories of living with Personality Disorder and other difficulties and the challenge of recovery.  We hope these stories will inspire people to make use of help and support available from SUN.
The stories will be anonymised and will be available for all inside  and outside the project to read.  There will also be a message board, space for members’ art and poetry and a private members’ area comprising a chat room that we hope will in the future provide out of hours peer support for project members.

All these new innovations could not have been possible without the commitment of all those involved in SUN.  Thank you to all staff and members for their hard work in 2012 and continued support for the SUN project.